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What is the cause of body dysmorphic disorder (bdd) ?

I am suffering really badly from social anxiety, bdd and agrophobia, I feel like I am literally the most ugly person in the world, I don't know where it has started tho, through out school no girl ever wanted to talk to me, I'm 18 and still a virgin and have only kissed 1 girl and I live in Ireland and if you are wondering, many lads I know when they were 15 had already lost their virginity like most of them. When I talk to my lad friends that only looks gets a person a girl they say I'm wrong and I argue that I haven't got a girl because I'm ugly and they assure me every time I'm not ugly and they aren't lieing because one of my most honst friends told me I wasn't ugly but still any time I try to talk to a girl, she gives me the most dirty look and ignores me and I feel really sh*t about myself, I've gotten rejected many times and I literally just feel so bad and lonely and feel like I will die alone but the only one thing I do to keep positive is that I never blame myself for looking this way, I always blame my parents for making me physically ulgy, do you think this where my bdd and social anxiety come from, like all the rejections I have received? 

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