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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsOther - Family & Relationships · 2 months ago

Is my sister weird for doing this?!?

So I won’t call my sister a name but she is kinda boy crazy. She talks to a lot of guys whether it’s in a romantic way or not which I don’t see a problem with because she’s not sleeping with them. Although she has kissed some of them. I’m 18 and she just turned 17 so I’m a little overprotective of her 

She’s been dating this guy for a while ( they’re actually broken up now ) and she was really enamored by him and I rlly could not figure out why because he was not attractive and didn’t seem very nice either. Ofc I let my sister live her life but it’s been making me uncoftbale because the guy has the same name as me!!! 

I’m a girl btw and I like my name but it makes me so uncomfortable. Especially when we’re all at the dinner table and she’ll bring it up , it’s so awkward and it kinda weirds me out how she dosent see anything wrong with it. 

Of course this is the one guy she can’t leave him  alone and he just happens to have my name lol. 

What should I do? Should I just leave it alone

It’s not a huge issue but it would make me uncomfortable dating someone with her name. 

Like I said this guy is not all that so I’m constantly like wtf. Lol what should I do? Should I just leave it alone?!

3 Answers

  • Alan H
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    He was attractive enough to her at the time.

    As is normal it was just passing.

    The rest is basically just sibling rivalry 

    It will pass

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  • Ana
    Lv 6
    2 months ago

    First, there’s nothing wrong with him not being that attractive. People are born with their looks. You could be sexy, and it wouldn’t make you ANYYY more valuable or worthy of a person than if you were ugly.

    Now, if her boyfriend is a drug using, low intelligence, lazy, cheating bum, then I’d say obviously she should dump him- even if he was athletic, tall and good looking. 

    But him “not being that nice” just isn’t a good enough reason for you to say she should dump him lol. Most guys aren’t “nice”- and if he was “a nice guy” no girls would want him anyway bcuz nice guys are seen as unattractive beta males. 

    So it’s unfair of you to say he needs to be a submissive, sexless, loser nice guy beta male just bcuz deep down you think he’s ugly and undeserving to be alpha.  

     Second, him having the same name as you is unfortunate for you.... but really, she doesn’t care and she doesn’t seem to notice.

    The bottom line is, you might be focusing too much on “a name”. A name, like your looks, is something you’re BORN WITH. It doesn’t make you great, or bad. It’s just a word.

    What makes you great, is your actions, your accomplishments, your morals, how you live your life. Do you get educated or develop a high income skill? Do you have good friends and family? Do you work hard, and succeed in life? Do you invest? Do you invent a new technology? Do you help the poor?

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  • 2 months ago

    Sorry, you're freaking out because your sister has a boyfriend with your name?  Grow the fu ck up.

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