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Aaron asked in HealthDiet & Fitness · 2 months ago

Thoughts on my exercise routine?

I started doing some strength training about 2-2.5 weeks ago where I did push-ups, pull ups, chair dips, squats and what I like to call a crunch punch (literally have no clue of the proper wording for this) where it basically involves you sitting in the shape of a tilted "N" and throwing your arms in and out between both your pressed legs.

Fast forward 2 weeks later I decided to include some new workouts where I now do 1 min planks, 20 vertical dips, 20 push-ups, 20 chair dips, 20 one leg squats, 20 hop squats, 20 leg lifts and 50 crunch punch punches (if you know what these are please tell me). My question is does anyone think this is a good exercise routine if you're trying to gain some muscle.

Mind you my gym is closed due to Covid-19 and I've now lost my job so I'm trying to be frugal and only spend money the essentials so exercise equipment is out of the question.


Mind you I do 5 sets of my latest exercise routine.

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    It's fine. You don't need weights or equipment.  There are dozens of bodyweight workouts you can find on line.  I would suggest one change.  Instead of doing a number of some exercise (20) do the exercise correctly for 45 seconds and or until muscle fatigue.  

    Always put form before speed, time, reps.  Four full chair dips are going to do more for your triceps than 20 dips that aren't really dips.  You also need to work until the muscle can't work anymore.  If you can do 20 squats without breaking a sweat, you aren't going to be building muscles by doing 20.  If you are shaking and your quad is screaming at you, then that's when. you stop.  

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