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dexter is a neat show, but its too bloody for my taste. is that bad?


i like more the police investigations ...Not so much Hey Im

dexter, I am going to kill someone. I like shows where the police Find the culprits..

Or like till death do us part...

anyone agree?

Update 2:

husband throwing wife off the jet ski and she drowns . But they dont really make it very violent. I mean its scary, but in that case, the wife was a cheating scumbag LOL

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  • 2 months ago
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    Well, the entire PREMISE of Dexter is a serial killer using his obsession for at least somewhat good (ignoring the details).  It would feel cheap I think to not include some blood.  But considering that subject matter, I really think there aren't that many truly disturbing scenes.

    I have a friend who has that thing where he LITERALLY passes out at the sight of real blood.  He admitted there were a couple scenes where he had to close his eyes and rest and just listen, but he never actually passed out, and enjoyed the series overall.

    The thing is, the blood in this show looks like corn syrup with red dye in it because...well, because it's corn syrup with red dye in it.

    But if it's not your thing, then that's fine.  The show was very uneven.  There were parts that were FANTASTIC...and other parts that were really stupid.  I think you're missing a good show...but not a GREAT show.

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