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Heart palpitations constantly ?

Hi I get constant palpatations,  like it feels like I have a super strong heart beat ALL the time. I do get chest pain and tightness on the left side as well. About 6 months ago, I had an EKG, blood tests, a chest x ray and a 2 week heart monitor all came back normal, except mildly high cholesterol but my dr said to work on that but didnt seem like it was causing my issues.

I still get all of this to this day, has been like 7 months total. I also get dizziness, shoulder and left arm pain. Also my heart rate has actually been lower past few days than normal which is worrying me as my symptoms have gotten worse along with it(its still within the "normal" range but low for me)

I do get heart burn, but I can tell  when that's acting up vs this. I get a right side head pain as well.


Also sometimes causes me to feel like passing out, and feels like a fullness in my chest.

 I'm 28 years old and female, I do have some anxiety but I've never had it cause such distress 

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