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How do I get a mutual bond with someone?

Apparently I come off emotionless with flat affect and people have said I look confused, robotic, flat affect. I have no friends and havent for years. I did have traumatic events for me which have to do with that. But anyway I suck at conversations in real life. I have social anxiety and am really quiet.i want a husband or friends but apparently its harr to make a bond with others when they judge you as emotionless or something else like that, which a ot of people may do to me.

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    I agree you should talk to someone.  A therapist is a start.  Having "no friends" is really concerning to me.  Do you realize when you're being "emotionless" or is it just how you normally talk?  I've known a few people who seem quite bland and I try to dig deeper to get to know them and they end up opening up.  There are people who want a bond just as much as you.  I wouldn't judge you!  Anyway, in some ways, I think I know what you are feeling.  There was a guy who at first was interested in me until he found me "too sad."  He told me that I was a sad girl and then apologized.  I was quite offended.  He didn't like me because I had deeper emotions than the average woman?  He didn't like me because I didn't put on a fake smile when things weren't going well?  Well, his loss!   

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