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Anonymous asked in Beauty & StyleFashion & Accessories · 2 months ago

When dressing DOWN Sequins/Satin - Which of these Trousers/Skirts could substitute jeans/twill for a "Smart Casual" Look?

...without looking too "night out"-ish.

I've never liked truly casual garments like denim, twill, shorts, leggings or sweat pants or skirts, because it's not really my style and I don't find it comfortable. Yet, I love outfits where you dress down clothes that typically associated with evening/night out such as sequinned tops/blazers. There is really no dress codes where I come from, but I often notice English blogs call this type of attire for "smart/polished" casual.

My style is on the dressier/formal side already (a bit glam, edgy and classic, lots of black, metallic and splashes of bright colors), even casually, I like to dress up in some way - which make it hard to find a middle ground between casual and glam, but always end up FORCING myself to wear those jeans even though they are not really ME.

Below is an illustration of relatively basic bottoms I like to wear. Which one could substitute the Jeans?

I don't care about trends. Also, I'm not a big fan of mini skirts or dressy (i.e lace) shorts, which I DO find look more informal when worn with low heeled shoes and minimal jewelry, even with a sequin camisole, so they are not included.


*I mostly a skirt person but I don't like the causal denim or very short skirts. (latter not of modesty, but personal preference! I don't care about what men likes. lol)

PS: A outfit I typically wear (usually with a bold lip color), but I find woven skirts might look a bit TOO dressed up with a fancy top/jacket..

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  • 2 months ago
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    I like the contrast of moods between the second pants and the sequins. The full cut and interesting styling of the pants contrasts with the formal business wear pinstripe fabric, the tie belt in the pinstripe fabric adds casual elegance. Wearing sequins as a casual wear with trousers a banker wouldn't wear even though it's a banker fabric is playful, witty and shows imagination.  The first pair of check trousers heightens the contrast between evening and casual. I would put the top, jacket and loose checked trousers together as a "celebrity on the town caught by a photographer" look.  The slim pants are a bit too mainstream, like what you see in an H&M window. I dislike mainstream and honestly, black isn't that edgy anymore. It's become too safe because evwryone wears black. The black skirt is a bit of a snooze inducer -notning special. You want to look special. Second is cute but not casual, it's more "ladies who lunch and gossip"  The last pink one is super cute and would give the sequin top and black jacket a bit of a retro vintage vibe. And there's the contrast of the soft draping fabric with the sparkle of the sequins.  

    If I had these choices I would wear the top and jacket with the pinstripe pants. The juxtaposition of contrasts and contradictory elements makes that outfit my favourite. Second choice is the pink skirt and I would go retro with the look. Third is the check trousers.

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