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Supply chain and operations management homework help?

Questions (Please report your answers on the attached spreadsheet.)

1. Calculate weighted performance scores for all three carriers.  (15 pts)

2. Based on the five metrics used in the above scorecard, how would you characterize the manager’s approach to securing transportation services for Bob’s Customs BBQ? In other words, does the manager seem to have a more transactional or a more relational approach? Justify. (10 pts)

3. Critically evaluate the manager’s proposed scorecard. What would you keep and what would you change if you were in the manager’s shoes? Feel free to use (and describe) hypothetical scenarios and assumptions to justify your evaluation and choices. (10 pts)

4. Create an alternative scorecard that would indicate a different approach than the one implied in the manager’s proposition – based on you answer to Q.2. If you said in Q.2 that the manager’s approach seems more relational, then build a scorecard that would be more in line with a transactional approach. Conversely, if you said that the manager’s approach seems more transactional, then build a scorecard that would be more in line with a relational approach. (15 pts)

5. Justify your answer to Q.4.



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