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Why did the sex feel different? ?

When I was 18 I had a relationship with a 24 year old, we had sex and he was my first proper lover and everything was great. I was previously in a relationship with someone similar to my age, but the sex didn't feel the same or pleasurable, I had no feelings of emotion during the session. Was it because I was expecting more or was it something else?

2 Answers

  • 2 months ago

    The older guy was more experienced and knew what he was doing in bed. Chances are, you also had stronger feelings for this guy.

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  • 2 months ago

    It's simple-

    The guy you were first with was a boy, the guy you are with is a man, and yes it's a fact that not only physically, but sexually its a HUGE difference, between some 17 year old kid and a 24 year old man.

    The guy you were first with was a virgin (most likley), who didn't know how to have sex (ie didn't know the right moves,positions, tactics), and because he was a virgin he probably lasted maybe 2-3 minutes tops. Women are like an oven, they take a lot longer to heat up, so, by the time he "finished", you were probably just starting to get aroused so to speak, which left you feeling undesirable during the experience.

    With the guy you are seeing now- He's had many sexual encounters, thus he knows moves/tricks etc in bed to get a women's world rocked, with age comes experinces so to speak. Because he is not a virgin, his stanima has built up, he can last a lot longer than 2-3 minutes, he's probably closer to the 30 minute mark due to the all the experiences you have had. Assuming he did the standard 30-40 minute foreplay on you and coupled with the 30 minutes in bed, that means he gave you well over an hour of intense satisification in bed.

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