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Do I have repressed trauma I can’t remember? ?

I have been seeing a therapist recently because my behaviour isn’t considered normal. I am afraid of emotional intimacy (but I don’t show it. It’s internal), I have experienced mild disassociated feelings both in my body and with the world around me, I have a fear of men, very sensitive skin and a fear of touch, I have a phobia of flying insects that my therapist believes is due to fear of invasion of personal space, as I’m also very afraid of burglary and can’t stand being alone at home at night, I’m constantly paranoid and think every man on the street could be trying to kidnap me, I was also very very “stiff” at a young age (noticed by a doctor in 3rd grade), I am extremely afraid of letting people down and also have extremely strict and almost aggressive views about sex being immoral. I’ve also been identified as having strange beliefs that I frequently fall into obsession with and for 4 years have been obsessively in love with a celebrity. I’m 17 and cannot remember anything distinctively traumatic in my past but I’ve heard you can repress those things.

 I’m going to talk with my therapist about this soon but in the meantime I’m asking the internet for help. 

Note that I haven’t experienced flashbacks, reoccurring/common nightmares, or anxiety attacks -beyond frustration and stress. 

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  • Aa
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    2 months ago

    The bigger danger is you may end up having false memories.  Memories of things which never really happened. Look up "false memory" on wikipedia.

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