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key asked in Beauty & StyleHair · 2 months ago

What’s worst highlights or full head cut Of bleach in black damaged hair ?? ?

My hair is naturally dry but also damaged and easily breaks. I am doing masks and using Olaplex trying to repair it. 

I hate my natural black hair so always get a t section bleached I ve done this for years. 

But now i m thinking because I keep bleaching the same bit of hair its bad. 

so would it maybe healthier if I bleach my whole head and then just have to touch up my roots ? wouldn t this be healthier 

(I will go to a salon for this btw

1 Answer

  • If you're applying bleach to previously bleached hair then that's bad as this can cause breakage. It would be slightly healthier to get your whole head bleached (deep condition it after), but you should get your roots done by a professional or as I mentioned your hair could break off.

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