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How is medical school like?

Hello I'm a junior in college majoring in Biomedical Engineering, my question is for medical students. How's medical school like? Do you enjoy it? Were you forced to do medicine by someone? What type of doctor do you want to become? What are the obstacles you overcame? Thank you for your time, stay safe!

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  • 2 months ago
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    working in medicine is often very different from what people expect it to be. The challenge of assimilating medical knowledge and developing your skill sets is often the allure to pursue a career in medicine. The desire to go into medicine often stems from ones own ego and needing to know they are capable of achieving what is often considered the pinnacle of academic success. After years of sacrifice and hard work, you will (like every other doctor) come to realize that the daily work is critically different from the schooling and education. Once you have learned the medicine and gained the skills to practice, medicine becomes a job, like most other jobs out there. The challenge goes away, and the capacity for progression as you have sought it out throughout your life begins to dissipate. Your left with a mountain of debt, and will realize that the luxurious salaries come too late (late 30's to 40's) to be truly useful. You sacrificed the youth of your 20's and early 30's to debt, which is a time in life when you need money the most to start a family. At the end of a day you have so little energy that you spend your free hours watching the news or cooking shows before over-eating and retiring to bed to do it over like a bad metaphor to the movie groundhog day. Cooking shows only cost 10.99/month for a Netflix subscription, whats the point of the Dr.'s salary if that's all you want to do?

    At the job you realize that most people are beyond helping, and most that can be helped require action of their own volition which is often not performed, so you watch people literally kill themselves slowly. Billing departments and business administration control the hospital and demand your time spent with patients be minimized in order to maximize profits. You're worked to the floor, milked for every ounce of energy you have in a day, dont have time to pee or eat, work long hours, and are often disrespected by the very people you're trying to help. By the end of medical school, you are in so much debt that you begin psychologically justifying your decision to pursue by making statements such as "I couldnt see myself doing anything else", just to ease the burden that you have committed to. Its like Stockholm syndrome. 

    I speak not for myself, I went into biomedical science which is much better in some aspects, but much worse in others. I speak for my fiance and the heart-bleeding conversations that arise repetitively after only a few years post-graduation. The very people who are most addicted to progress and success are the same vulnerable population that are likely to fall into the trap of medicine. The silver linings? Its a stable in demand job that will pay a decent salary when you are old enough to not need it, and sometimes, although not often, you save a life.

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  • cool
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    2 months ago

    extremely stressful and traumatic.

    medical students are forced to work for long hours with little time for rest. They have to eat crappy food from vending machines and go many days without sleep or proper relaxation.

    On top of all this they have to watch children being tortured and abused by sadistic doctors.

    Stick with biomed engineering, you may not find a job in the field, but you can still find a job elsewhere and anything is better than the cult of cut, poison and burn, aka the medical industry

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      Thanks for the reply

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  • Hockey
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    2 months ago

    Not how, but what. What is medical school like?

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