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Why am I being left on delivered by everyone?

People used to open my snaps under 10 minutes, but now some people don’t open them for 12+ hours.. it seems like EVERYONE I snap leaves me on delivered. Their score is increasing too so is snap just not sending my snaps and then suddenly loading for them? Girls who ask me to hook up and even just people who are interested in me have been leaving me on delivered. It’s so annoying because I’d rather be left on open. This never happened to me before, now it happens every single day. I’d be better off deleting snap.. is this just a glitch or is it me?

1 Answer

  • Lv 7
    2 months ago

    delivered means it has reached them. most people have lives outside their tech. just be patient.

    • Black2 months agoReport

      Well their score is going up so.. and sometimes it says delivered and two weeks later I’ll refresh and it says they opened the day I sent it

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