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The Difference between children by location?

My daughter asked me why children in Bentonville AR were so great...

But yet the children here in Philly are going to abuse her..

I told her that first of all...

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Bentonville Arkansas, are an entire planet apart...

That's how big America is..

That's how fast a Bus goes... And thats how far it can go when traveling that fast, for a entire day and a half almost non stop.

America spans entire world's inside just 1 country..

We're gigantic.

This Philadelphia is as good as a foreign country.

And Philadelphia is a bad place..

It's a bad place to live, it's a bad place to go to public children's school..

Its a bad place to work..

It's a bad place to just exist..

The people here are bad.

This is an I95 belt big awful city full of I95 belt morons.

They break the law just because they feel like it.

Bentonville Arkansas, is one of nicest, safest suburban communities in all of America.

The two places are nothing alike.

And in Back home in Bentonville, you were socially appropriate.. And fashionable..

So you had friends..

Here in Philly, you have a penalty for hitting in the face..

And that penalty, is that I turn you into a target.


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  • Foofa
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    3 months ago

    There are just 51K people in Bentonville, as opposed to 1.5M in Philadelphia. The anonymity of large cities tends to engender less caring attitudes. This is sadly just a by product of human nature. Maybe you should try to find a way to relocate to a smaller community as those do tend to be more friendly.

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  • MS
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    3 months ago

    What exactly is your question?  Are you just ranting about Philadelphia?  Maybe you moved into a bad area, maybe you just don't appreciate diversity, or maybe you just aren't very adaptable.  I've lived in Philadelphia and I've lived in very rural southern areas.  Neither are awful.  Neither are great.

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