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Anonymous asked in Society & CultureOther - Society & Culture · 2 months ago

What do tough times in life teach you? What did you learn?

I learned how incredibly cruel the world can be. There are definitely some awesome folks out there, but put aside your own money and material possessions and you can learn very quickly who people really are. 

Give and earn. Not tolerate. Whamm! What did you learn?

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  • 2 months ago
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    I've learned a lot. Off the top of my head, i've learned the importance of being tolerant, because you can never be sure you are right. It's important to recognize that you may be wrong, and accept other people's views as valid. I've learned to be more acceptive of life changes and to try to adjust to them instead of fight them. I might be repeating myself but i have learned to accept people the way they are and not try to change them or impose my views on them. I've learned that all people the same everywhere, just circumstances are different. I've learned that all people pursue their own self-interests and they are willing to inflict any amount of pain on others to get what they want. I've learned that people are mindless robots who conform to words they don't understand, and that awareness comes from more information. I've learned a lot of stuff, and im just 30.

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