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Do I have a chance to get into Phillips Exeter Academy as an international student?

My grades are full of A/A+'s but I have 2 B+'s out of 14 lessons, I am really passionate about theatre and languages. I'm fluent in 3 lanuages also beginner level for 2 languages that I have been studying on.I took place in a few plays.I am really good at math,also I think I can write a good essay. Also I can play darbuka very well which is a national instrument of my culture. Do I have a chance?

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    No. No way.

    1. You're an average student at best. 

    2. You "think you can write a good essay." 

    3. Your passions don't impress nobody, everyone has passions. 

    4. The other applicants are fluent in English and other languages too. In America we take French, Spanish, Italian... even Latin. Most people speak at least 2. Also, based on your question, your language skills are not exactly impressive either - and I'm being gentle. 

    5. You think "taking place" in a few plays is impressive? FYI, those who pursue acting seriously from a young age, with a strong passion and determination, have been doing this since they were as young as 6. They went to a top acting school, they've landed *leading* roles and not only in plays. They've taken workshops run by respected professionals. They've taken dancing and vocal lessons. They've studied the biz. Some have agents and they already go to professional auditions. A few plays? That's not even close to impressive and certainly doesn't prove you have a passion for the craft. 

    5. So you play an Arabic drum. Honestly it doesn't take much skill, as opposed to other types of instruments, including other types of drums. Darbuka is more like a triangle.

    I really wish you had more to tell. But the fact that this is the best you've got to offer says it all. There are other issues though. You do know tuition is HIGH af, right? And that's in addition to living expenses outside the school, visa, plane tickets, school application, etc. And it's not like you can work on a student visa. Do your parents have enough money to send you? Enough for 3 years? Also, I realize you're just asking about getting into Phillips. But based on the above I don't see you getting a student visa in the first place. I don't know where you're from, but if you're from a country that isn't considered "Americans friendly," if you know what I mean, your chances of getting a visa are much much smaller. That's the real problem, I'd say. 

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  • 2 months ago

    Can you do that thing where you pat the top of your head with one hand while rubbing your tummy with the other?

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