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What RAM upgrade combination fits my computer?

I have my computer with the following specifications. I need to upgrade its RAM.

Computer Model: Desktop ROG Strix GL10CS, Intel Core i7 9700K,

Installed RAM: Samsung 8GB(2x4GB) CL19, speed of 2667 and I have only two RAM slots.

 I use this computer for video editing and playing online games.

What are the possible ways of RAM upgrade?

Do I need to buy a new kit of ""32GB(2x16GB) or I can keep one of my RAMs of 4gig and buy another single 16GB?

And what RAM,what speed and CL do you suggest?

Your help is much appreciated

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4 Answers

  • 2 months ago

    There should be a RAM calculator at the websites of G.Skill and Crucial. Keep in mind that these calculators are for the G.Skill and Crucial brands. I'll throw in a link to the Corsair RAM calculator as well.

    If you want to upgrade then it would be for the best to buy a 2 stick kit. Either a 2x8gb kit or a 2x16gb kit. Prebuilt Systems like yours can get fussy when you try running mismatched sticks and kits.

    If you choose to replace one of the 4gb sticks with a single 16gb or 8gb stick, then the first 8gb will run in Dual-Channel mode, and whatever is left will run in single channel. Google the term "Flex Mode for RAM". Obviously Dual-Channel mode provides double the bandwidth.

    It's possible that your system might not be able to overclock RAM or run the XMP profiles so there might not be much point in going over 2666mhz. The system should clock the RAM to 2666mhz but modern systems have been known to automatically clock the RAM to 2133mhz. If the BIOS on your PC supports tweaking RAM speeds then you might have to manually clock to the RAM to the kit's rated speeds.

    For reference I'm writing this message on a system that has an 8600k and a Asus Prime z370-a motherboard with a 2x16gb kit of G.Skill RAM. The RAM is currently clocked at 2133mhz but if I enable the XMP profile then it will clock up to 3600mhz.

    It would be wise to check to see if your system is able to overclock or adjust RAM speeds. Sometimes BIOS updates will improve RAM compatibility so you may need to update the BIOS.

    Asus should have a RAM QVL list for your system. That would be another good place to look. However, the list will publish kits and sticks that Asus tested, so not everything that works will be included.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    According to Crucial, up to 32 Gb.  8 Gb is light today for RAM.




    The second link suggests that you can install single RAM chips.  


    I would call either company and talk to them.  Most of the mainstream memory suppliers will guarantee what they sell you.  If you can, I would drop in another 16 Gb module along with one of your existing 4 Gb chips.  If your existing chips aren't compatible with current chips in terms of speed, you might have to bite the bullet and dump both.  I'd go with 16 Gb or 24 Gb as a minimum if you are going to keep the computer for a while.

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  • 2 months ago

    Since you have a dual channel configuration, you want matched pair of memory sticks.  You can run single channel but you will have a performance penalty.  Will the increased ram make up for that?  Depends on what you are doing

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  • TomB
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    I don't know off the top of my head...but if I really wanted to find out I would go to and use their memory finder tool.

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