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Anonymous asked in SportsOutdoor RecreationFishing · 2 months ago

How come I don’t catch any fish about 80 percent of the days I go fishing?

What’s different about the other days? I’ve been fishing for two years. I’ve gone fishing about 50 times for 2 hours each time. I use live nightcrawlers for freshwater and shrimp for saltwater. I have the best spinning combo that Amazon offers and the best surf set up that they offer. I cast from onshore in hot spots found on Fishbrain. I don’t use a forecast, I just go when it’s not raining. I try different spots when I’m there. Half the time, I do get bites and don’t set the hook properly or fast enough. I like casting and reeling in slowly and drifting if there is current. What am I doing wrong?

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  • Adam D
    Lv 7
    2 months ago
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    Do you eat the same thing all of the time?  Then why would you expect that of other animals?  Sure, a worm floating along is a convenient meal, but if you're fishing during a time when a particular food source is plentiful (like a certain insect hatching time, or a time when certain food-fish are moving through an area) you'll do better by trying to mimic that food source.  You've invested in quality rods and reels, and that's great, if you care for them they'll last a very long time.  By comparison, lures and tackle are cheap, you might want to invest in a bit of that too, in particular some variety.  Do some research online, see what others are using for the types of fish you're targeting.

    Also, you might want to look at the situation differently.  Fishing isn't a hobby like golf or making something.  If you go golfing, and you prepare correctly, then go execute everything correctly, your score will reflect it - it's you, the ball, and the hole.  But fishing involves wild animals.  You can do everything perfectly on your part, and if lady luck isn't there, you just won't catch fish.  If you're golfing, and you don't shoot a particular round, most people consider it less than successful.  But if you're fishing, what is your goal?  Are you fishing, or are you catching?  If your plan is to go fishing, and you go fishing, even if you don't get a bite, you still did exactly what you set out to do - fish.

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