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Is there anyone around the world who can help with writing a dissertation on phonology through email?

The dissertation could be on phonology and the title could be something like 'Iranian learners’ accuracy in English pronunciation and its effects on English teacher’s appraisal of their intelligibility.' A proposal has been prepared as follows:

It is reasonable to accept that L1 English speakers can recognize foreign accents of non-L1 English speakers, such as a Chinese, Italian or Farsi accent which may affect the intelligibility of certain sounds, but more often it conveys the fact that they are not L1 English speakers. It is generally accepted that intelligibility is the most appropriate goal for learners. Fraser (2000, p.10) claims that learners of English as a Second Language (ESL) need to be able to “speak English with an accent, or accents, of their choice which is easily intelligible.” Indeed, intelligibility is the degree to which a listener can understand what is being said, or in the words of Kenworthy (1987, p.13) “intelligibility is being understood by a listener at a given time in a given situation.”

A major difficulty facing almost any ESL/EFL learner is the achievement of acceptable pronunciation that enables them to be understood by the L1 English speakers. According to Avery and Ehrlich (1992) the nature of a foreign accent is determined to a large extent by the learners’ L1. In other words, the sound system and syllable structure of the L1 have some influence on the speech or production of the L2. Such observation of L2 pronunciation errors mentioned...

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