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suspended from college freshman year?

i was suspended from my college in 2018 for one semester. i didn't attend the next semester because a violent situation with another student on campus. (hes a boy im a girl). i wasn't able to finish the semester because of the suspension so i don't have any transfer credits. so i have to apply as a freshman to the next college i chose. when i do apply do i have to put the first college? also do i have to put that i had a disciplinary history for any of those type of questions  they ask? i rather not put it so it wont effect my chances of getting in. also is there a way the schools that i apply to can find out about the situation without listing the first school or putting down the incident? (please break it down clearly. i don't want to have any responses that i don't understand) thank you so much!

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    If you filled out the FAFSA form and received financial  aid, universities you apply to will know you attended another school.

    Your application will ask that. Don’t lie on your application. If it asks, tell the truth. Have a letter of explanation ready if they request it. Don’t whine, keep it simple and direct.   Hopefully soon you can visits schools.  Get a meeting with the admissions office and talk over the situation. Once again don’t babble on about it. Just say you do have a past suspension. 

    Try universities  that have a high acceptance rate. You can also go to a CC for a year and then transfer. 

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    You MUST disclose all prior education AND submit a transcript from your prior school, even if you completed no classes there. Yes, your suspension is on your transcript. No hiding. Pull on your Big Girl Clothes & deal with the consequences.

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    where are you?? in the US?   what happened to you wont effect your graduation day.  everybody on campus is in suspended mode anyway..... I have no idea if students can finish the semester due to the corona outbreak.

    if you didnt start the fight, you could always send a letter to the dean for reevaluating the suspension.  I have done it before but usually they dont take seriously.  but you could try!

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