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Are the Borg (of "TNG") essentially terminators?

Mass assimilation was impossible if we go by what "TNG" shows and the way the Borg assimilated people on that show, instead of "Voyager". It seemed like they had no qualms about destroying and committing mass murder of anyone who stood in their way. I prefer the Borg (although I'm admittedly not into the Borg cause they were gay) in the sense that for historical reasons their portrayal was more accurate (let's face it having a cyborg with a Latin English accent, as is Arnie's case isn't convincing - as the world's most vicious Allied empires - Sweden, Denmark, Russia, Spain all are Frank Lopez English accented countries [and the Borg are based on the Scandinavians] to begin with, so the Borg, all with Frank Lopez English accents, is more proper - and in tune with history)

But don't the Borg do exactly what terminators would do - aren't they cyborg killing machines?

2 Answers

  • 2 months ago

    They don't kill, they're not dead. Their victims can "come back" which happens with 7 and Picard. BTW there's something about this in the new Picard series.

    • X2 months agoReport

      Very true.

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  • 2 months ago

    No. The Borg are human eating and have their own self-sustaining space ships (cubes). They kill humans for food the same way as the AI in The Matrix.  The Terminators are controlled by Skynet a central intelligence system same as VIKI in I-Robot.  Both VIKI and Skynet were created by humans to better humanity.  However both backfire and become power hungry for no particular reason.  The Borg do not necessarily want power they want food.  The Terminators are created by Skynet to "terminate" mankind. Terminators are not their own kind and fully controlled by Skynet whereas Borgs are Borgs and do not have separate "models."  Terminators have T-800 (Schwarzenegger) T-1000 (Patrick) etc.

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