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where is the "options" menu for windows 10?

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  • 2 months ago

    people should learn to be helpful to be helped.. your question does not make a lot of sense without a context - the more you tell the closer you'd get to a meaningful answer..

    for most part, Windows 10 options can be either the Settings or the Control panel, simply press the Window key on the keyboard once (or click on the Start menu once), and type either "Settings" or "Control Panel"..

    sometimes, in some apps, the menu of that particular app/window is hidden, for example, i use Firefox and the menu for firefox is made hidden by default.. to activate the menu of that window/app.. simply press 'ALT' once on the keyboard and the menu of 'Files, Edit, View, History and help' will appear.. it is also the case if you have the old MS Office like the 2013 MS Excel, but newer apps tend to remove those window options and replace them with ribbon menus..

    and finally.. the term "Windows Option Menu" in that exact context, is often used to refer to the Advanced Startup Options Menu - which i kinda doubt is what you are asking for..

    Windows Advanced Startup Options Menu, or simply Windows Option Menu (aka. the Recovery menu of Windows10) has specific use like Data Recovery and installing additional operating system.. people usually go there when the computer is in trouble with corrupted Windows startup in a hope that they can recover the damaged data necessary to boot up Windows.. or in the hope to salvage their data before they format the harddrive and install a fresh copy of Windows 10..

    first method: #1 if you are inside windows 10, press the Window key once (or click on the Start menu once) and type and click on 'Settings'.. then click on 'Updates and Security".. click on "Recovery" tab on the left.. and click on "restart now!!" under Advanced Startup..

    second method: if your windows crashes soon after logging in into Windows.. restart the computer, and at the log in page, do not log in just yet.. instead, press the Shift key on the keyboard, hold it and do not release it while you click on the lower right corner icon and select 'Restart'.. you can release the Shift key when it goes to Restarting the computer..

    third method: this is the popular method that happens when the computer fails to initiate Windows10.. basically there are some corrupted data that prevents Windows from loading properly, so it crashes.. the third method is a bit lengthy and complicated and you may need the help of someone if you are familiar with installing Windows on computers.. #1 you need a Windows installation CD or USB, if you do not have either one, you can download Windows 10 installation media from official websites like (or simply Google or Yahoo-search for 'Windows 10 media installation tool" if you are fond on clicking on unknown links).. and there, click on 'Download Tool Now' button..

    run the tool.. its main purpose is to create a DVD Windows installer or a USB Windows installer.. i recommend using the USB option which is faster and less prone to errors (to me the DVD option does not work) and you would need about 64GB thumbdrive and it may warn you that the data on the thumbdrive maybe removed.. but in both options, the process of creating a USB or a DVD tool is lengthy and it may appear unresponsive -- but give it a good 15 minutes for it to finish.. it is basically downloading a lot of data from Microsoft, and it tries to compress them to make them smaller and that may appear that the tool is frozen..

    #2 restart the computer, and you need to enter the computer's BIOS.. unfortunately, different motherboards have different ways to do that.. most often, this achieved by restarting the computer and immediately press the 'Delete' key on the keyboard, and hold/do not let go, until the BIOS options appear.. and in the BIOS, you need to set the BIOS to boot up from a USB (or a DVD), Save and Exit..

    #3 some computers may ask you 'do you want to boot from a USB/from a DVD (y/n)', press yes.. and then you would get to the Recovery menu or better known as Windows Advanced Startup Options Menu, or simply Windows Option Menu..

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  • 2 months ago

    Try the windows 10 start (Looks like a magnifying glass) bottom left

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  • 2 months ago


    try clicking on Start > settings.

    or try in the control panel.


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