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Boyfriend has been stalking another girl and claiming he likes her artwork.?

My boyfriend and I had a fapping out last october because my best friend crashed over my place and slept in the same bed on the other side as me. I got dumped becausè my bf was upset even though he knows my friend is like a brother. My bf dumped me and started talking to another girl he thought was cute he next day  then set up plans for a date. Where he told her I "slept" with another man. Like i had sex. When all I did was crash. (No livingroom etc. My room is the attic and we had sleepovers before I was in a relationship. I never even hang out with my best friend now. 

So months later I'm doing well with my guy and we're back together and everything. I find out the other day while he's logged in on the laptop, and I'm using it.. that he has been stalking that chick for months. She's a local artist, redhead, etc. He searches her often and she was the majority of his searches during the past 6 months. This hurt me and I told him.. that's ****** up. I asked him to delete her from Facebook now cause that's not appropriate.. and he refuses to and said they are friends and she is one of his favorite artists right now. I wasn't born yesterday and feel uncomfortable knowing he won't let her go. Am I overreacting. He just told me he thinks she's foxy and cute. Cause he was mad that I wouldn't let this go and said he was trying to hurt me. But he doesn't like her like that and I should trust him. 

I don't think I'm overreacting. 


MORE: I just want her out of the picture. He said he won't search her anymore but said if I want to leave, THEN GO.. said he doesn't care anymore cause it's all I'm talking about and hes "tired" of it. So I've just been crying like a dumbass. 

Update 2:

Falling out*

1 Answer

  • Dick
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Best friend sleeping in the same bed? Friend like a "brother"? If your brother sleeps in the same bed as you, I would assume you believe in incest. You don't sound like you are telling him, OR us the whole story. You ask him to trust you, in spite of a lot of reasons that he shouldn't. You, at the least, owe it to him to trust him.

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