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21/yo cheating anxiety?

His friends all say how caring he is, and his family. The problem is, my two past relationship's, I was cheated on. I was with one guy for two years and he cheated on me right at the start and was really toxic and controlling. I suffered with my mental health for 2 years, and it got to a point where I had to leave because I feared it would become violent. I said I would never get into a relationship until I was certain someone wouldn't cheat. The problem is, I am worried my boyfriend is. This is what's weird, it's just a feeling. I've confronted him several times and he's never gotten funny.. only ever calmly spoken to me about it. He's the same age as me and hasn't even had a proper girlfriend as he didn't want to just date anyone until he was sure he was ready. Same as sex, he had never slept with anybody. The thing is, he does everything for me. If I am in need of something, he comes to me straight away. If I ring him, he picks up straight up. If I ask him if he's free, he is there. He surprises me with gifts all the time. Tells my friends, his friends, and his family how he feels about me. It's also statuses and photos that he posts about me a lot. And he doesn't even look at anyone else and he doesn't even hang out with girls alone anymore because he doesn't want to. Why am I so worried no matter what he says. He introduces me to everyone he bumps into that he knows. He has planned his future with me and has given me his phone password without me asking. Why am I worried

1 Answer

  • Alan H
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    It is hard for you to trust after being cheated on.

    But not all people are the same 

    Some young women sleep around even when in a relationship.   You do not, so why assume your new boyfriend will cheat?

    • Lily2 months agoReport

      It is hard. He has never shown a reason to worry, but I do because you just never know. But he does everything you'd expect someone to do when they aren't cheating. Hes so loving but it's a feeling so idk whetherits my anxiety making me feel sick xx

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