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Astronomy & Space: Global warming is believed to be the cause of ocean warming-- caused by volcanic activity under the ocean water?

In your estimation is this just going to be more humidity for the deserts of the world to utilize, as humidity is absorbed by the surrounding vegetation in most parts of the world, taking away any chance of rain fall?

Or, do you think that water is going to accumulate and stay in the ocean?

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  • 2 months ago
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    Volcanic Activity And Plate Tectonics are almost as old as the Earth itself

    They played their own part in creating our Atmosphere too

    Chemistry and Photosenthesis did the rest for to produce an Atmosphere which could be worked with

    Temperatures have went up and down 

    Most famously, early in Evolution when the Carboniferous Period was in full Bloom

    Vegetation ruled the World, depleting CO2 and producing a glut of Oxygen through Photosenthesis

    This caused the Temperatures to plummet and what followed became  " Snowball " Earth

    A Vast Shield Volcano out where Central Russia is now pumped out copious amounts of Greenhouse Gasses

    It was the earliest spell of Global Warming

    And Earth became normal Again after the first Great Extinction, the Permian Territiary Event

    So Global Warming is not a new thing

    And Earth can heal itself without Humans

    Look at what is happening in these Coronavirus times

    The Sea and the Atmosphere ARE becoming clearer

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  • KennyB
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    2 months ago

    The contention of global warming is that it is caused by human activity.  Not all - volcanoes and forest fires are significant, true, but they alone do not account for the rise in temperatures and heat that has been observed in the world.  And it is heat that is killer - humidity will not help.

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