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Have Popeye cartoons been banned from GB children's TV?

They have not been shown for some time now although other American cartoons still appear. I have thought that perhaps it is either because of his fights with Bluto, or more likely because of his pipe=smoking. other cartoons, which are still shown have some fantasy violence and most children can distinguish fantasy - from real violence, and the pipe could be airbrushed out by computer. Secondary Q -are they still shown in America.

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  • Robert
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    2 months ago
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    In American we have so many specialty networks. There are several cartoon networks that show the classics of the 60s including Popeye. In the madness called PC no one is allowed to be exposed to any questionable vices which could cause independent thought, suck as the pipe, the fights, or worse yet, tugging poor Olive Oil back and forth like she was property of men. The horrors. This could create a group of children both here in the US and over the pond who become heterosexual and with traditional male attributes. We can't have that. I agree with you that most people can see the difference of reality and fantasy in life and cartoons If not there would be children killing their parakeets with anvils after watching a Road Runner cartoon.

    I don't know any British cartoons, but the Britcoms as we call them over here are brilliant. Coupling is my favorite show of all time. We tried to duplicate it here and it failed and was removed after only four episodes were shown. The office was brilliant for its two series there. We did it here for nine seasons as we call them. It was funny for 3 of them and diminished as it wore on and on. for the limited amount we can get, I love your TV.

    • mrh-slos
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      2 months agoReport

      we have few British made cartoons, most of those shown  our TV are American, including the Hanna-Barbera cartoons. We do produce TV dramas for both adults and children. 

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