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Is my mom the white moderate MLK warned about? What do you think?

Here is a 10 minute conversation we had over the dinner table... We were talking about news channels, race, politics, etc.

I'll keep it short as possible.

First she started off with a question: What kind of news channels do you watch?

My answer: I usually watch KTLA and KCAL. What about you?

She came up with: I usually switch between Fox and CNN. CNN lied about Trump and took his words out of context.

I told her: Well, Trump called the Coronavirus the Chinese virus and now people are telling us if we use that word in their Facebook group we'll get banned.

She said: They're sensitive. They can bully a white person and get away with it. But we can't make fun of gay people, Mexicans, black people, etc.

She continued: They had no power back then. Now they want to find everything to discriminate against a white person.

She has had plenty of black friends. She was rapping in the car with one and she was offended by her using the N-word (in a 'non-derogatory' way)

She continued: Oh if you're not that skin color, you can't say that word. We created it. I should be able to use the word to mean homie.

She continued on and on, about how black people can literally do whatever, and even say cracker, but not the other way around.

My mom said, a white guy wanted to play a black guy in a movie and discussed the issue.

I'm in many political groups. I've seen that.

She blamed political correctness. So at the end she told me it's best to "be neutral."

(more in additional details)


She asked me, what channel do I think lies more, I said well CNN lies, but Fox overexaggerates.

My mom isn't a fan of old guys in the WH, even Trump.

My mom thought CNN liked Bernie Sanders. I told her they're a Joe Biden network. She said they're all owned by one guy.

Update 2:

*regarding CNN, MSNBC, FOX, that "they're all owned by one guy"

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  • 2 months ago
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    All this PC Bullshit is just discrimination against white people. Like you could say that arguments circular and it would be if it wasn't only going one way, but it is. Like what laws are set up to benefit white people at the expense of other races? But i can think of many programmes that are set up to benefit other races at the expense of whites. They try to act like this is because white people have benefited but not all white people did, and the white people that didn't benefit are the ones that are having to pay for it now. Like i don't see any of these white hollywood types offering their job as reparations.

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