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Axel asked in Cars & TransportationCar Audio · 2 months ago

Will this amp be good for my system?

I don't know what bridging an amp means so I'm not sure if this amp would be good/suited for my speakers. so my front 6×5 in my door are rated 50 watts RMS at 4ohms  and my rear 6×9s are 90watts rms at 4ohms. If I understand this amp correctly I can run 2 channels at 90watts RMS for my rear speakers if I bridge 2 channels? Again I'm not sure what bridging an amp is and don't know much about car audio in general so go easy on me haha. And even though my front speakers are rated at 50watts RMS would the 45watt RMS channels still work or be enough? 

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    NO! Bridging means wiring two amplifier channels together to create a single more powerful channel. This is not what you should do. 45 watts RMS per channel is sufficient to power each of those speakers separately at high volume louder than you can listen to. The only reason to bridge two channels of a 4-channel amp would be to run a single subwoofer, but in this case 90 watts isn't very much to power a subwoofer with.  Bridging also makes a mono signal, so your two rears would play in mono, not stereo. 

    • Axel2 months agoReport

      And what if I was to go for an amp that would produce 90watts RMS on all 4 channels? Could a channel be tuned down to 50watts RMS for my front speakers? or would it be better just go for an amp that would be rated lower than what my speakers are rated at? 

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