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How do you do this?!?!?


Number 21,22,23

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1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    The problem here is that the way in which you're being taught something can differ from how others are learning it. I get the concept, which is labeling the length and width of a rectangle. But the question is exactly how you read the numbers on there. For example, with #21, one of the numbers is 8. But it's hard to tell if the other is 3.6 or do you have two separate numbers 3 and 6. 

    So I cannot tell if one side goes from 3 to 6 and another side is 8. Or is one side is 8 and another side is 3.6. My suggestion is to look at any class notes you have and/or the packet you have to see if there is a sample problem that helps you understand exactly how to read the numbers that are on there.

    Source(s): I've taught math on the college and in the public schools. And have helped out lots of students.
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