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How do I approach my boyfriends weight?

Alright, so here’s the jist of things, I’m 19, and the guy that I have currently been talking to is 20. I’m an average sized girl, I’m short and I have a little pudge, but I’m healthy and I’m alright with my body. But the guy that I have been talking to is a little chubby, he’s 6’1 and overweight, I won’t even lie. But, I don’t mind this at all, in fact I’m actually very attracted to him, he has the cutest face and anamazing personality, we get along quite well, but the only issue I’m having, as a personal one,is how do I go about the topic of his weight, he’s highly insecure and very self conscious. Whenever things get a little more intimate he shuts down completely at the idea of removing his shirt, letting me touch his sides, belly, ect. And as I am very understanding and I try my best to work with him, it’s difficult sometimes because I really do enjoy his strong, cuddlybuild, and I enjoygrabbing his sides, rubbing his belly, anything to Have some sort of intimacy, as I’m avery touchy person. I want to tell him that Igenuinely enjoyhis build and especially his tummy, I think guys with a little chubare the absolut cutest thing and all I want to do is play with their tummies and cuddle, but I haveabsolutely noidea how toapproach this topic without bringing up hisinsecurities or making himfeel bad, as it’s a very sensitivetopic for him, basically, I want tobe ableto have completeaccess to thisduring the times we are together, but, Idon’t want to bea *****, any suggestions? 

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  • 2 months ago

    You didn't mention an age. 

    So This may be very dangerous information for you to have. 

    You're a GIRL. You don't have to ASK or SAY anything. 

    All you really have to do is SHOW UP. 

    You have the power of SEDUCTION. 

    This is DANGEROUS for me to tell you, but... 

    Charm him or Seduce him. Girls have that Gift or Talent. 

    Seduce does not mean Sex (but it could). 

    The best Weapon Women have "for" or "against" Men is their BODY. You do not have to be or do anything "slutty" (it helps, but not really necessary). One on One: Just present yourself to him, the best way you can. Guys are just as Insecure as Women. Most Guys are Impressed or Flattered by being approached. 

    It is less work and worry for them, of Rejection. 

    As a girl, you have more power than you think. 

    Just don't be a Bytch with it. 

    When it backfires, you'll be ALONE again. 

    Also, it is far easier for a girl to get a YES for a date from a guy, 

    than it is for a guy to get a YES from a girl for "anything". 

    Have you ever dressed up to be sexy and attractive to go out to a club or with girlfriends somewhere where you know the opposite sex will be present and be there for girl and guy connections? Did you ever sense that you were being checked out because of your choice of "attire"? You know guys are looking, trying to get a peek at your boobs or maybe a glimpse of your panties? Have you ever positioned yourself so that guys could be teased, but you do it in an innocent kind of way so it's NOT noticed that you enjoy the teasing and attention? You know you drive guys crazy, but due to your success in Looking HOT, you intimidate the opposite sex, so they DON'T approach / "Hit On" you. 

    But you wish they would, because that's why you bought the clothes and paid attention to your looks and actions around guys. 


    He is still "JUST" a guy and he can still get worked up over you. 

    You can do stuff to make him want you again and some more. 

    The Female Body is the best Weapon Women have in their possession "for" or "against" Guys. We will get "Stupid and do Stupid things" for sex or a chance at a sexy body. Guys do it too, but it's a better weapon for Females. As erections go, No Matter How "BIG" a guy gets, it’s still the smaller head. And we use it to make all the wrong decisions. Even if we win. It’s a wrong decision. Besides peeing and making babies, "wrong decisions" is all it’s good for. Get the idea?? 

    GUYS ARE SIMPLE, It's women that are complicated, 

    but NOT Impossible. 

    IF HE SAYS: "I don't want to ruin our friendship." OR 

    “I just want to be friends.” SMILE BIG, look him in the eye and say: 

    "Then don't “F” this up for me." 

    Or explain to him. "We can still be friends if this doesn't workout. 

    Why would we HAVE TO be enemies, 


    Keep Smiling… He knows you’re RIGHT and 

    you will look Confident to him.                                                                   

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Concerning you, what do you consider a "little pudge" to be?

    If all you want to do is play with his tummy, I'd suggest you not date anyone.

    Never date someone you can't talk to frankly.  I wouldn't make his issues my issues.

    • kailey2 months agoReport

      It’s not really like that, more or less how do I tell him I think he’s fine lmao, and ‘concerning me’ I’m 5’2, 125 lmao. I’m not concerned 

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  • nalla
    Lv 6
    2 months ago

    Just. go down and amongst the ripples find his pee wee  give him a bj

    • kailey2 months agoReport

      That could work 

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  • 2 months ago

    I'd say be subtle.  Suggest a walk in the park or getting a gym membership together.  For best results, you have to do things TOGETHER.  Don't just tell him to exercise.  Exercise with him.  Also, when you eat out, opt for a healthy option and encourage him.  Say things like "you should try this, it's so good!" instead of "this has fewer calories".  Celebrate little victories with him in terms of diet, exercise, and strength.

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  • 2 months ago

    He is insecure, which is probably why he is eating too much (and/or unhealthily) and not caring for himself. Buy him an Anthony Robbins book or audio - or he can watch the Great Man on Youtube.  Quite often people can get a better sense of their own value by doing some sort of voluntary work. Meanwhile try to get him to do little things for you - even give you advice and suggestions.

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