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Sophia asked in PetsCats · 2 months ago

Why is my cat acting aggressive? ?

I started dating my current boyfriend 4 years ago and my cat absolutely adored him. She never had a problem with him until a year and a half later into the relationship. My boyfriend lives with his parents who own a lot of cats and they kept adding more cats into their household over the years. I suspect that it’s the enormous amount of cat scents my cat smells that causes her to act very aggressive even to the point she would act aggressive towards me only around my boyfriend. What I find weird is that she would try to cuddle and get attention from my boyfriend, but if he moves or speaks too loud for her liking she will get very upset and start to swipe, growl, or hiss. Is it the multiple cat smells on him that is making her this way? Is it jealously maybe? Or could it be something else? Please help!

2 Answers

  • 2 months ago

    I actually going adult dating this present-day beau five-issue plus this pussy-cat unquestionably respected the pup. The woman under no circumstances obtained a dilemma by using the pup right until per annum. 5 eventually on the romance. This beau everyday life along with dad and mom who seem to private loads of kitties they usually placed contributing extra kitties in their domestic progressively. I actually suspect this it’s a gigantic degree of pussy-cat odors this pussy-cat dust which induces the girl's to behave pretty ruthlessly sometimes clear she'd respond ruthlessly on the way to people exclusively all over this beau. Just what exactly I actually obtain unique is definitely this she'd aim to hug to get particular attention out of this beau, nonetheless if perhaps your dog steps and also converse very obnoxious for her noticing she might have pretty ticked-off you should so that you can swipe, roar, and also hiss. Do you find it a speck of various pussy-cat dust for the pup that is definitely building the girls with this? Do you find it jealously might be? And also do you find it something else entirely?

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  • 2 months ago

    ALL cats do not like loud noises or sudden movements.

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