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Would this refurbished computer be good for HD video rendering and animation software?

    2X X5675 12 Cores XEON 3.06GHz  

    64GB DDR3 ECC Triple Channel Memory

    DVD Burner  (burns DVD's and CD's)

     HD7000 Graphics Card  

    128GB SSD+2X 2TB SAS Hard Drive

    Wireless WiFi

    9 USB Ports

    Onboard Sound

    eSATA Port

    4 x PCIe x16 Slots (one is used for the graphics card)

    2 x PCIe x8 Slots

    PCI Slot

    WIN10 PRO 64


oops it $599 not 550.

2 Answers

  • A.J.
    Lv 7
    2 months ago
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    It's old, should be cheap, needs graphics card upgrade, highly software dependent.

     2X X5675 12 Cores XEON 3.06GHz

    CPU Released 9 years ago and each individually scores about 6000 in Passmark.

    Each is 6 core 12 thread making each core fairly weak and better to have fewer cores at the same total performance. Still, if working right, it should perform close to an i5-9600 overall.

    64GB DDR3 ECC Triple Channel Memory - Plenty of ram, but slow speedHD7000 Graphics Card  - Unless better described, this is an old ATI Radeon HD 7000 - 64 MB worthless card from 2002. Is it the much newer HD 7000 series from 2012?

    It would list it if it was, and still would be low end by today's standards

    128GB SSD+2X 2TB SAS Hard Drive  - 128SSD is cheap now $25, where 240GB is $38. The HDDs give you a lot of storage, but probably old and unreliable.

    Few people need 2TB, much less 4TB

    Wireless WiFi - cheap adapter9 USB Ports old usbworthless extra pci slots

     WIN10 PRO 64 - if licensed. would get that guaranteed

    It has cpu power and is ok for video clipping.Does not render well by modern software. I don't think it drives a 4K display either.

    It needs upgrade. Graphics card, and maybe power supply, and it's a very old server.

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  • 2 months ago

    You've got a lot of horse power for rendering with that CPU, but what graphics card would you be using?

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