Why does world population growth seem to largely be concentrated in several African countries?

Is it due to higher birth rates?

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  • 11 months ago
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    The largest populations in the world have larger families in poorer economies and worse off countries because it both helps financially to have more people working to bring money into your household, and with the idea that not every child will survive, this might prompt a couple to have many, just in case some don't survive.  Also a separate point, rape is a very huge issue in Africa, because the law system is so weak, and this combined with the lack of morals, healthcare, contraception, contributes to other issues arsing as well. Like the spread of disease, famine, and ultimately the death rate. Basically in that case, though the overpopulation has become an issue in Africa, its the only place with a huge population where nature is also fighting to slow the population growth down, because its being allowed to do so. You don't see this in other countries like India, or China, because they're better off, and have the economy and at least relative enough security to support increasing populations. On the one hand the issues in large populated poorer economies need to be fixed, and the other issues of large populated richer economies need to be fixed. One leads to uncontrollably large populations, the other leads to uncontrollable amounts of death.

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    11 months ago

    the main drivers are girls not getting enough education to have a career, and lousy social security.

    and then there's political and religious "leaders" telling people that having lots of babies is good, and that contraceptives are bad

  • 11 months ago

    Higher birth rates, yes and poverty. People that live in impoverished nations need many children to take of them when they get older and to work to feed and take care of the family.

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