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How would I deal with my Anti-social Neighbours like this?

Here's the problem, I have a strong heartbeat. The HR stands between 50-100. For the last 7 months of living in this "Multi-Family" apartment on the second floor where I'm continuously blamed for having a relationship with someone and claiming we were going at it. The claim was from their favourite. The couples who "who were there for years" decided to gather other people to agree with false claims although I've haven't done, any of the claims.

Furthermore, this elevated the situation to everyday banging on the floor/ceiling('s) followed by other neighbors doing the same thing, except one prefers to cause damage to the house. So, I reported it to the apartment manager who tried to put the blame on another neighbor.

I explained my gist of the situation, but figured it much that her choice was to support their Anti-social behaviour Since she told me the same quote "Continue what you're doing" and just by their actions of banging even harder on the floor every time.

 Now since that doesn't work they are following me toward rooms and smoke, but when I excuse myself to another area like the bathroom they follow me then bang on the floor. Currently still dealing with this annoying situation.

Are your neighbors suppose to feel your heartbeat through floorboards? 

What would you do, if you can't?: 

Scratch your leg, arm or bake food/pastries.

All drugs are used, it reeks

Since I'm not sure if something like Anti-Social behaviour order exist in United states. What could I do?

1 Answer

  • Pearl
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    maybe you should talk to the police about it

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