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Question about java coding?

Can you help write a method that takes an integer array, arr, and an integer, k, and returns the index of where the integer is located or -1 if the integer is not in the array.

1 Answer

  • Snezzy
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    You have asked this non-question at least four times. Hint: Asking it again and again does not get you better answers. Instead it provokes us to provide less-than-helpful wisecracks about how you should go and do your own homework. 

    Let us pause for a moment and consider why anybody would even bother to answer a request such as yours. Do we perhaps like punching ourselves in the nose? Or are we intrigued by trying to fix any mistaken info that pops up on the Internet, to the exclusion of getting our own work done? Have we found the Secret Money Stash that pays Yahooligan Answerers for their work? Are we afflicted with some sort of mental slime that can only be washed off by altruistic dev-waddling?

    Go read Knuth volume 3.

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