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Is this why most guys are insecure?

A couple weeks ago I did a delivery at a restaurant and I walked in and saw this couple sitting and eating. As I walked pass them, the woman took a sneak look at me and returned her focus back to the man she is dating. I'm good looking and I workout alot that's why everytime i go out guys always give me a tough time.

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  • 2 months ago
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    And security is of the mind. They are insecure because they're all raised to be beta male weak little pussy *** b******. Then we have the feminist society that rewards men for being weak and beta. Most men never took a course online I went to a men's conference on being an alpha male. They are real by their narcissistic mothers and they hopelessly doomed to be codependent scapegoat and scared little boys sucking on their moms titty as the beta male the rest of their lives.

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