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Physics Help Please?

The image below shows a photo taken with a built-in lens of a digital camera. The bottom photo is taken with the same camera, but with an additional wide-angle lens.

The picture of the top is basically a clear image of the building and below it is the exact same building but it is blurred.





A low-pressure sodium vapor lamp whose wavelength is 5.89 x 10^-7 m passes through double-slits that are 2.0 x 10^−4 m apart and produces an interference pattern whose fringes are 3.2 x 10^−3 m apart on the screen. What is the distance to the screen?

 3 meters

 2.7 meters

 1.6 meters

 1.1 meters

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    Ok I figured out the second answer. 


    Which when you multiply 3.2x2=6.4/5.89=1.08

    Therefore the answer would be 1.1 meters.

    I just need help with the first question

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