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I want to create an online shared but private diary. What web tools can help me do this?

So I’m looking to create a space, like a blog that multiple people can post to but is only visible to people with a password or perhaps to ‘friends only’

It’s like a diary, or online sharing circle so it needs to have some degree of privacy (not just suddenly out there for any stranger to see) but also be open for anyone to post to. So perhaps if they receive the web address they can post to it but it’s hidden from search engines?

The idea being, a person could write their feelings in a post like a diary entry and then post it so that it could be read by others. And it’s open to anyone to do that, so each user needs to be able to access some form of publishing tool. And then it needs to have an element of safety - so like it could be a closed group of people, perhaps it’s invite only?

Idk how to make that work, or what site might be able to help. Any suggestions?


2 Answers

  • Dick
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Ummm ... aren't "shared" but "private" conflicting terms???

    • Cosmic2 months agoReport

      Thats why I was asking for suggestions. It's shared but within a private group. 

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  • Chris
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Wordpress already supports most of that out of the box.

    You have users which have roles, and editors or further above can log in and create new posts. They can also set a password for the post, and anybody with the password can view it.

    User registration can be deactivated, so while wordpress does not support invites natively, you as admin can register new users and send them the login credentials.

    And naturally each post can be commented and categorized.

    Note that a free account might not support all of that, so you should get basic hosting like the Essential one here: ($4 / month), then install Wordpress.

    (Don't get dedicated Wordpress hosting because it limits you to using Wordpress only)

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