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Design a "Plug Limit Gauge" to inspect a hole diameter of minimum size, Dmin, of 23.90 mm and the maximum size, Dmax, of 24.10 mm?


Which diameter (GO) & Which (NO GO) ?

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  • 2 months ago
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    Edit. I have your comment. 

    Since anything between 23.9 and 24.1 is

    acceptable; "GO" is a .2mm "band".

    "NO GO" is outside this band.

    Simple answer.

    Assume negligible material thickness.Machine a cone tapered smoothly from

    23.5 to 24.5 mm.

    Scribe 23.9 and 24.1.

    If insertion stops between scribe marks,

    the hole meets spec.

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      Example: if the taper of the cone is 1°, then the Go band is .2mm/sin(1°) = 11.46mm. Thank you for choosing a best answer.

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