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Are variant covers worth more than the original?

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  • 2 months ago
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    It depends.  For coveted issues, variant covers are usually published with much fewer copies and so the demand for the variant issue goes even higher.

    However, often the variants aren't rare enough or the issue just isn't sought after enough and so the variant cover is just another copy of the same book at the same price.  

    I would say that most often the variant cover copy will be at least SLIGHTLY more expensive than the regular cover is the issue is even moderately sought after.  But industry wide, the variant cover trick is overused, so there are a lot of them that are not more valuable.

    But by the way, they're a crappy investment either way.  All comics are.  Don't get into comics viewing it as an investment vehicle.  The industry has a long history of breaking people that do that.  Most likely, when you're ready to sell your comics collection in 30 years, you will do so AT A LOSS.  Sure, a handful of issues in your collection will go for good money, but they won't offset the hundreds that aren't worth the paper they were printed on that you paid full cover price for when they were new.

    Collect comics because you can enjoy them.  You can sell them later to PARTIALLY recoup your cost and it's probably worth taking care of them because of that.  But you're not getting rich off comics.

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  • 2 months ago

    It depends on scarcity and demand. The harder it is to come by and the more demand (people wanting it) creates higher prices. Most variants aren't worth more than the original.

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  • 2 months ago

    They can be, but they can also be the same. Sometimes a variant can shoot up in price times ten after it comes out just because of popularity even when it’s not expected. There’s sometimes so many variants that it just can’t be predicted, DC made a comic a few years ago that had over 50 variants, kind of destroys the market when they do that. Usually ones that have lower print runs like a 1:1000 variant where they only make one for every 1000 copies of the normal cover, those are worth the most. Or ones by very popular artists, or ones that come signed, those are worth money too. 

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