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Why are people telling me wearing a mask to an essential worker interview is bad?

My local grocery store workers wear not only a mask but a whole set of headgear covering.

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    It just depends on your interviewer, honestly.

    At a time like this, there really isn't any known protocol for stuff like that. If I was the interviewer, I personally wouldn't think twice about it in a time like this. I might even appreciate it.

    But some people might perceive it as weird, since although masks are the norm right now, it's an unconventional interview practice.

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  • Wow. As long as they can practice social distancing, they're regularly washing their hands and doing what ever they can to help prevent spreading Covid 19, you should be fine. You're covering your face when you're wearing a mask, they can't see your reactions, your attitude or your emotions. 

    If you're a safe distance away from them, you should be okay. Just remember to wash your hands when you're done with the interview. Personally I would be surprised if some one was conducting one on one interviews in person at this time. If there's a way they can conduct an interview with face time, that would be a safer option. I'm an essential worker and I've never been asked to wear a mask. 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Paranoia and a false sense of security.

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