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Chapman University or UC Riverside?

I'm deciding between Chapman and UCR. I want a true college experience. I love Chapman for its night life and the location, and I also like their film school (I'm majoring in psych but I plan to minor or double major in film). However, it is too close to home, the population seems a bit small and I don't know what they are like academically and how hard it will be to transfer out if I decide to do so later on. UCR seems good academically but I've heard bad things about the location (I like the idea of a college town, UCR doesnt seem to have that according to what I've read online. Cant visit the school myself because of covid-19). Also, I've heard its socially dead and empty on the weekends. I'm pretty introverted but I wanted to be more social in college, I don't care for parties but I'd like a campus that's at least a little involved. Im worried Ill get depressed there. Also I've heard there's not much to do there either, and its not like I can drive to LA from UCR because apparently freshmen can't bring cars?? To sum it all up, Chapman seems more fun but UCR seems better academically, but Chapman also has a better film program and I have never heard of UCR's film program ever. Psychology is my main focus however (though I am undecided and might possibly change my major). Given all these factors, what seems to be the best option given my circumstances?

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  • 2 months ago

    Eight thousand students is not a small school; it's actually an ideal size (neither too big nor too small). There will be plenty to do on and off campus. If you are living on campus, it won't matter that you are close to home; your life will be on campus. You may find it useful to go home occasionally for dinner, to do your laundry, and to get centered (assuming your family is supportive and not crazy). If you're interested in film, Chapman is a much better choice than Riverside, but be sure to ask about internships and where film students are working after graduation. You may find that a bachelor's degree in either film or psychology will not lead to many job opportunities. 

    • psychology isnt the best major choice but im planning on going to med school so it should help me in this case

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  • 2 months ago

    You've already started thinking about attributes that are important to you.  Keep that up and do you best to find data that provides information on those subjects on sites like Niche, Princeton Review, and College Confidential.  Also look on Youtube. You can find both "official" and student videos about both schools.

    Things to consider:  cost, class size, research opportunities, on- and off-campus housing options, campus culture, alumni network, etc.How each person perceives an environment is different.  You might find Riverside great even if other people find it too quiet or visa versa.  If cost isn't an issue and you'd live on campus regardless, it shouldn't matter if Chapman is close to your home.  The big issue with UC Riverside is that it is a large school (over 21K students) and something like 70% of the students commute/live off campus. It is also a more diverse student population. Chapman has 8K students.  The classes will be smaller and the community it tighter and less diverse. I'd got to Chapman because I like being in classes where I can participate and the teacher actually knows who I am.  That might not be what you want.  

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  • Pearl
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    i would just visit them and then decide

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  • 2 months ago

     "Also, I've heard its socially dead and empty on the weekends"

    I hear this from a lot of college students in CA. I find it bizarre because most of these schools have all the freshman living on campus. That's in the neighborhood of 6,000-7,000 students. I find it difficult to believe that it is "dead"

    Rankings are always weird and mean very little. If you look at one website, Chapmand is #11 and UCR is #13 in California. If you look at another one Chapman is #6 in the country (UCR not on the Top 25 list)

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