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I made 151 paet time wages due to viris and company cutting hours. My benifit is 151 I made 187 am I still eligable for the 600 CARES act?

My hours were cut due to the viris. I filled for unemployment and was told my benefit was $ 151 per week. I am receiving part time wages. I made $187 that put me over the 151. Am I eligible for the cares act extra 600 per week and how does that work. Do I keep filing even though my part time wages are over the 151 benefit but under the $600 from the cares act. Please help me 

1 Answer

  • Eva
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    You don't get an extra $600 per week. That amount is being added to the maximum benefit so that higher wage earners can receive close to what they were making when they were working. In no case is your benefit going to be more than your regular wage. You have to report the number of days you worked and how much money you made to the unemployment office every week.

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