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Found a dead goose and want to collect bones, should I be concerned about bird laws?

I went on a walk by a pond I live near and found a dead goose on the shore, looks only a few days dead. I'm interested in collecting bones this would be my first scavenge, I plan to move it to a path in the woods nearby people dont go to so it can decompose properly without human interaction (an animal could steal it though and then I'll sanitize the bones. (Any advice on that is helpful too) but my friend brought up the concern of bird protection laws even though I found it dead I didnt kill it, I live in MA and am also a minor (although in criminal court I'd most likely be tried as an adult) could I get in trouble for this? 

2 Answers

  • 2 months ago

    If you were caught with a dead goose, how would they prove you killed it?  Is there a law against POSSESSION of a dead goose?  (I mean, there might be!)

    Also, if you just leave it in the woods it will be gone.  There are scavengers who want that goose, and THEY don't follow the law.  8^)

    What I would do is to figure out a way to sneak it home, maybe inside a black trash bag.  Then put it in a plastic storage container and buy some dermestid beetles on EBay.

    • Edward2 months agoReport

      Theres a lot of bird laws I dont really understand hence why i came here lol you're right about the woods how do I convince my mom to let me bring a corpse to our home I could sneak it in our backyard she never checks, animals dont really go there too much human activity and it's too close to a road

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I found a faded a battery on the table when the garage door closed but not before I knew what was for dinner, Spaghetti not always Spaghetti but when the Packers play on Sunday I wear a sweatshirt and eat pancakes 

    • Edward2 months agoReport

      What does this cryptic BS have to do with dead geese 

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