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Are Nuyoricans (and no they're not the same as Puerto Ricans) and Italians who think of themselves as white and talk with the same...?

...accent, in English, as the character Frank Lopez from "Scarface", stupid?

Yes, everything they tribute to people with last names ending in -ez (the accents, in English, of Manny Ribiera, the "Bro"-saying, the graffiti, boxing, reggaeton, salsa) is true about them instead.

-ez-surnamed Spaniard people are white and sound like Frank Lopez in their accents, when speaking English. And they're the ones who act like hotshots.


Nuyoricans are indigenous Spaniards, the ones who were the natives of Iberia before the Visigoths (you know the Martinezes, Gomezes, Sanchezes we know well) came and created Spain, and consequently, almost all of Spanish America, and I don't mean Mexico, as we know it.

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