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Anonymous asked in Social ScienceOther - Social Science · 2 months ago

Am I Changing My Channel Too Much?

I'm Working Towards Being A GachaTuber. The Problem Is, I Can't Decide On What My Channel Name Or OC Should Look Like. So When I Come Up With Something New That I Like, I Change It. But Then I Get Tired Of That And I Change It Again Or Completely Reset My Channel. I'm Too Paranoid To Actually Keep Something But I'm Also Too Paranoid To Change It Because I Think I'll Be Looked Down Upon For Changing It Too Much. Should I Try To Stick With Something Even If I Don't Like It? Or Should I Keep Changing It Until I Find Something I Truly Want To Keep?

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    you are trying to cater to,,,everyone? dont delete your old stuff ever...keep your channel but make different playlists...screen rant does Pitch meetins right...but they also do a bunch of other weekly segments and stuff

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