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Richard asked in SportsMartial Arts · 2 months ago

Katana Repair/Maintenance?


Recently, one of my friends gave me his training katana as he was moving and he couldn't transport it with him.

I noticed that it seems to be in not the best condition, as there are some black spots that might be rust but I'm not too sure. I was wondering how best to fix it up or if there are any shops or sites that people recommend sending it in to.

In addition, is there any way to measure the value of the katana as well? 

Thank you.

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  • Bon
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    2 months ago
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    Black spots on carbon steel are the result of oxidization from water. Apparently, your friend did not maintain his sword properly. Although the black spots are not rust, they will eventually cause rust to form, so you should treat it as such by removing it with a rust remover such as WD-40 and wipe it COMPLETELY clean, and then wipe it down with a good oil. Never leave WD-40 on any metal surface because it is a solvent and not a lubricant.

    As for the value, a practice katana varies from dirt cheap $80 to around $300. A practice katana is not an actual katana and is not made the same way nor are they made of the same materials as a real katana.

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