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How much data [in MB] can be transferred in 20s at a speed of 1Gbps?

Network/Data transfer calculation

3 Answers

  • 2 months ago

    119.2 MiB/s.  Why not 125 MB like most here will say?  Because 1 Gbps uses 1000 bit K's.  Your computer uses 1024 Byte K's.  This matters.  Over 20 seconds, that adds up to 2384 MiB.  HOWEVER, you won't get that either.  That assumes 100% network usage, something that never ever happens in real life.  So figure 80% of that, maybe 90% of that.

    Now, if you need an approximate, then 2 Gig or so.

    Oh, and MiB vs MB?  MB can be either 1000 byte K's or 1024 byte K's.  MiB or Mebibyte ALWAYS uses 1024.  The size confusion is both in online speeds and formatted hard drives as a 1 TB drive can only hold 931 Gig  Wolfram Alpha assumes MB is 1 million and that MiB is 1,048,576.

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  • 2 months ago

    A 1Gbit network connection would typically transfer somewhere around 100MB a second if there is nothing bottlenecking the transfer, as there are some delays and overheads for packetising, control, error checking etc.

    So roughly 2GB, depending on the systems and overheads.

    If the system included compression, then the amount of content could be rather higher than the size of data transferred over the network.

    If one end is using a slow hard drive or similar, that could reduce the data rate considerably.

    [It would only be 2500MB (using decimal MB/Gb values) if it was "raw" data with no gaps, framing, repeats etc. - so not ethernet or any networking protocol - just a direct digital link].


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  • Lee
    Lv 4
    2 months ago

    2500, 8 bits = 1byte.

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