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What Army regulation covers combat zone pay ? ?

 I’m currently in Afghanistan and Re deploying back to the states 1st week of April . il be sitting in Kuwait for a bit and expected to be back in the states before April 10th. Does my deployment entitlements stop when I depart Afghan or when I land in usa? 2 of my Nco’s both told me different things . One said I it’ll be prorated for the month starting when

I leave Afghan and one said as long as I’m in country April 1st still then I’ll get full entitlements for the month ? Some soldiers left on a flight today March 31st Is not sure if they would get April entitlements since they left Afghan before April 1st. I was just curious about this situation it isn’t a problem for me just wanted to know . I’m grateful to be going home

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    Most of those entitlements are federal law (like the combat zone tax exemption), not Army regs.

    You get the tax free status as long as you were in the combat zone that month.  So, if someone left on 3/31, unless they were still in a combat zone on 4/1 (like Kuwait), they aren't getting April tax free.  Being in the combat zone on 4/1 gets you all of April tax free.  I will neither confirm nor deny that 'a friend' got a month of tax free for taking a 2am flight out of Abu Dhabi on the first of the month.  

    Some of the other entitlements (like combat pay, family sep, etc) have different rules to them and are prorated.  

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    for the Navy, one day in a designated Zone is enough to get full entitlements.  

    but last I heard ALL  travel was suspended so don't count on actually going anywhere.  

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