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Can you link an ipad to your Apple ID, without linking all the photos and everything else?

My ipad is only 32GB while my phone has 128gb. I have like 30,000 photos on my iphone and I don’t need them on my ipad. I only need ipad for “work” related stuff but I still want my name on the ipad so I put in my apple id..

Is there a way to keep the ipad under my Apple ID, but NOT have all the data stored on both devices??

I want to store different data on each device.

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    Yes. When you login with your iCloud account, it will by default, try to synchronize all of your settings and content across your devices. You should be able to turn all of it (or whatever you want) off so that it doesn't synchronize. This is usually in the Apple ID/iCloud settings within the Settings app.

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